Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pure Tragedy!

My dear sweet mother has died. I'm oh so sad! I miss her ever so much and love her beyond words. Pray for a miracle for my father. It is going to take a miracle to heal his mind and heart. They loved each other so-"I love you with my heart" they would say to each other. Happy Mother's Day my sweet mom. I'm taking care of dad.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I traveled as a chaperone with McKell, 100 other students, 23 parents, and the most amazing Art History teacher, Cheryl Hughes, to San Francisco. I had done this six years ago with Tamara and had such a great time I couldn't wait to go back. Mrs. Hughes just opens up a whole new world of Art and a museum will never be the same. She gave lectures each night- 9-10 pm for the students, and 10-11 pm for the adults (so we wouldn't fall asleep in our rooms before roomcheck!). We were prepared for what we would see - it wasn't just another painting in a museum. I had a blast with McKell and her friends and I'm glad they let me share this experience with them.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Belated Blogging!! Cruise with the Brady's...

The middle of April Mike and I were able to go with our good friends the Brady's on a Cruise. We left out of Galveston, Texas and stopped in Mexico and Honduras. It was a well needed trip for all of us and we had lots of laughter and good times. Here are some memories of the trip: