Tuesday, September 16, 2008


McKell called last night and invited me to come and hear Ronan Tynan at the BYU Devotional. He is one of the Three Irish Tenors. I was so excited and it was more amazing than I would have ever expected! I had chills as he told story after story of adversity and how he overcame it and how we too can do the same. I bought his book and Kell and I were able to meet him. As he signed our book, I made sure I told him I was Irish and where my people were from. It was a great experience - a great day! Thanks Kell for thinking of your Irish Mam! (mom in irish)
You can go to this link and hear some of his talk...http://www.ronantynan.net/news.aspx?bid=83

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Have All My Children Gone?

Ok, I'm sure somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this day would come, but seriously, this is ridiculous!! Here I am 5:21 PM in the afternoon (early evening!) and I am home alone!! I think that is why I had five children - I hate to be home alone! I'm trying to count my blessings...Natalie and B are steadfast and sure as they enter year number three of Med School Of course, they had to go far, far away to Vermont, but I shouldn't complain because my cousin just entered Med School in Puerto Rico - it could be worse! Their cute girls keep me entertained on the phone - Niah tells me about the 'Nation' and Chloe and I talk 'animal'! Tam and Todd heeded my plea to choose a Med School that had a direct flight from Salt Lake. Woops! I forgot to mention to them that a 3 hour drive from the airport was not what I was thinking. They are getting a taste of the 'country life' and maybe Preslee and Baby Boy Jacobs won't be total 'city kids'. Preslee loves to say 'hi' on the phone and lets me know when she is 'all done' talking. Colin returned from his mission and I'm still grateful for the footprints in the carpet on the way to his room. He has new digs in Provo, but I like that he shows up enough to keep those prints there. Now, McKell, we may never see again. She is in her element! She loves school, dorm life, and she is always looking for her next adventure. Now, the baby, Kaitie Bug, she still lives here - at least her bed looks like it has been slept in each morning. She is busy with High School life and dancing her heart away. Let's not forget my better half - Mikie! He is building the project of his dreams (day and night dreams - he is obsessed!). Because of his hard work we will have a haven in the mountains....and here I am - ALONE AT HOME. I guess I'll go crochet! I love you family wherever you are and I'm proud of all you're doing!