Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Day to My Man!

Yep! Michael Jane you are my man! You are wise, kind, gentle, funny, a tough guy when you need to be, a loyal friend, the most amazing father and grandfather, a caretaker, faithful, a great listener, a great debater when I want you to be. You like to tease me and drive fast into the garage, call me a wimp when I won't wrestle, tell me I'm not making any sense when I ramble and then laugh, you are adventurous and always looking for the next fun place to travel to, you provide our family with every need and lots of our wants. I'm so thankful, grateful this day for another year of you in my life and our kids and I look forward to many more. You are my rock, my quiet guide, my best friend and this one will kill the lover! M & M forever!!!