Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Baby is Sweet Sixteen!!

Wow! Our Kaitie Bug has turned the big 16! Those sixteen years went by in a couldn't have been that long ago when this sweet girl came to our family. She was doted on by her three big sisters and her big brother. The pediatrician told us all we had to stop carrying her around because she was not learning to crawl and would never learn to walk if we just packed her around all the time! If I ever let her cry when she was a baby, the older kids would tell me that was mean. Kaitie has always been so pleasant to be around and has always had a gentle way about her. When she was growing up she always had to have some project to do. She wasn't one to sit and watch TV or movies...she had to be creating. We even made her her very own 'craft cupboard' that was stocked with things to do. I would set out my sewing machine and give her fabric and she would sew dolls, purses, doll clothes and other fun stuff. When she started singing her Grandma Saundra told her not to hide her talents under a bucket, and very soon after Grandma Sally told her not to hide them under a barrell. Her talents are many...she is artistic, she is the family stylist, she is faithful, she loves the beach, and rainy weather, she is a dancer, singer, piano and guitar player, songwriter, friend, great sister, a caring auntie, a beautiful granddaughter and a very loved daughter. You bring sunshine to our days Bug and we enjoy watching you live your life! HAPPY DAY!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter...Spring...New Beginnings

I love Easter. I love my childhood memories of Easter.
Coloring eggs...breaking my leg on Sugarhouse Hill the one year we didn't go to Grandpa's...Grandpa Edison's and rolling eggs down the hill...and throwing them at my cousins!...roasted hot dogs, jello... hiking to the top of Grandpa's mountain...grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins...Easter egg hunts with money in the eggs!...Grandpa's talks about his love of the Gospel, his wise advice, and his shared admiration for his family. I'm so grateful, especially this year, for a Savior who loved us each so much that he gave His life and it is this day that we celebrate that sacrifice, that gift.
Because of this day we will be with loved ones again...forever.

ps. Mom tell me where you hid the 'golden egg' this year!