Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter...Spring...New Beginnings

I love Easter. I love my childhood memories of Easter.
Coloring eggs...breaking my leg on Sugarhouse Hill the one year we didn't go to Grandpa's...Grandpa Edison's and rolling eggs down the hill...and throwing them at my cousins!...roasted hot dogs, jello... hiking to the top of Grandpa's mountain...grandparents,aunts, uncles, cousins...Easter egg hunts with money in the eggs!...Grandpa's talks about his love of the Gospel, his wise advice, and his shared admiration for his family. I'm so grateful, especially this year, for a Savior who loved us each so much that he gave His life and it is this day that we celebrate that sacrifice, that gift.
Because of this day we will be with loved ones again...forever.

ps. Mom tell me where you hid the 'golden egg' this year!

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