Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Mike and Kell had a great trip to Milwaukee! They stood in line for 3 hours in the cold starting at 5:30 AM. Kell danced for the camera's three times while waiting and made some great friends in line. Mike even got a picture of Cat Daley. When they got to the doors they sent 'guests' away and only dancers could go in the Theatre. Kell waited for three more hours before her actual audition. Her specialty was Hip Hop and she was put in a group of 10. She said she was in a room with about 300 people and they turned on some random music and she 'freestyled'. She said the crowd was into it and yelling for her and she had a great time. Travis, one of the judges, mentioned something about 'looking too young'. She wasn't called back, but had a great experience and felt like it was well worth it. She thinks one of her new friends is sure to be famous! The two of them were actually snowed in at their hotel as no taxi's were running, airport closed, huge blizzard! Luckily they both love movies and watched several in their room and they found a bookstore and Kell bought Art History books! We were excited the airport opened up on Saturday and they were able to get home.
Kaitie is still patiently waiting for news from High School Musical. We're crossing our fingers!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


McKell and Mike are on their way to Milwaukee as I type! Kell had planned on auditioning in Salt Lake in April. A couple months ago they changed the audition and it fell eight days before her 18th birthday. No tryout in SLC! Thanks to her great Pops they are on an adventure to Milwaukee and she will audition tomorrow morning at the Milwaukee Theatre. Good luck Kell! You're and awesome dad Mike - we love you! Kaitie and Kell were both invited last Tuesday to audition for High School Musical 3. There were fourty-five dancers in their groups when they learned the dance and then they split into groups of six to audition. Kaitie was called to the table where Kenny Ortega (director) and Bonnie Story (choreographer) told her that she had made the motion picture as a 'feature dancer'. They said that she would be contacted at a later date. YEA KAITIE! We are hesitant to get too excited until we hear back because of what happened to Kell when she was told she made the opening scene in High School Musical 2 and they never called back! Fingers crossed!
Fun sidenote: Kell was able to meet Sharpay's dog in her audition.


Let me introduce you to 'my deers'! I love them! It just makes me smile when I look out back and there they are! My favorite thing is to step out on the back porch and talk to them. They are always very attentive and listen to me carefully! When Niah was here we went and bought some oats for our deer. She would tell Grandpa it was time to 'feed the deer some oats Grandpa!" We threw some salt blocks over the fence too. They liked it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a busy time with dance! The end of February I went with Kaitie and her Dance Company when they performed at Disneyland. It was a great time! They were able to do some dance workshops, perform at California Adventure and play in the parks. They really are some cute girls!

In March, Mike, Kaitie, Colin and I traveled to New York City with McKell's Drill Team. It was an exhausting trip, but lots of fun! The girls saw all the sights in New York, attended classes at the Broadway Dance Center, went to Wicked, and participated in a competition on Staten Island. I think Colin realized that drill girls are a lot crazier to travel with than a team of baseball players!

This is a true miracle! I have been braggin' that I have a blog page, but I figured it really isn't mine until I do an actual post by myself. (Nat did my first one!) I've been working on this for over a hour, and yes, a miracle has happened - I figured out how to post a picture! We had had big plans to do a family picture when everyone was in town, we even bought the outfits, but the State Basketball games got in the way - Kell had to go dance in Ogden, and her music didn't even work and she didn't dance after all! So, this is the best we could do. It was so great to be all together. My emotions were on high mode on Friday as we were together for the last time, because I knew it would be another 6 months before it happens again. Call me sentimental, I just like having all my kids around me! The top picture is me with my babies!