Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is a true miracle! I have been braggin' that I have a blog page, but I figured it really isn't mine until I do an actual post by myself. (Nat did my first one!) I've been working on this for over a hour, and yes, a miracle has happened - I figured out how to post a picture! We had had big plans to do a family picture when everyone was in town, we even bought the outfits, but the State Basketball games got in the way - Kell had to go dance in Ogden, and her music didn't even work and she didn't dance after all! So, this is the best we could do. It was so great to be all together. My emotions were on high mode on Friday as we were together for the last time, because I knew it would be another 6 months before it happens again. Call me sentimental, I just like having all my kids around me! The top picture is me with my babies!

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