Wednesday, March 19, 2008


McKell and Mike are on their way to Milwaukee as I type! Kell had planned on auditioning in Salt Lake in April. A couple months ago they changed the audition and it fell eight days before her 18th birthday. No tryout in SLC! Thanks to her great Pops they are on an adventure to Milwaukee and she will audition tomorrow morning at the Milwaukee Theatre. Good luck Kell! You're and awesome dad Mike - we love you! Kaitie and Kell were both invited last Tuesday to audition for High School Musical 3. There were fourty-five dancers in their groups when they learned the dance and then they split into groups of six to audition. Kaitie was called to the table where Kenny Ortega (director) and Bonnie Story (choreographer) told her that she had made the motion picture as a 'feature dancer'. They said that she would be contacted at a later date. YEA KAITIE! We are hesitant to get too excited until we hear back because of what happened to Kell when she was told she made the opening scene in High School Musical 2 and they never called back! Fingers crossed!
Fun sidenote: Kell was able to meet Sharpay's dog in her audition.


Natalie said...

GO Kell and BUg! They will both be famous someday I think. I want to hear how Kell's audition go so give us the update when you hear from her!!

Tamara Jacobs said...

Yeah kell and bug!!! I didn't know that kell got to meet Sharpay's dog! HA! I'm excited to hear how kell does in Milwaukee!

travisrichardson said...

so.... how did it go?