Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Mike and Kell had a great trip to Milwaukee! They stood in line for 3 hours in the cold starting at 5:30 AM. Kell danced for the camera's three times while waiting and made some great friends in line. Mike even got a picture of Cat Daley. When they got to the doors they sent 'guests' away and only dancers could go in the Theatre. Kell waited for three more hours before her actual audition. Her specialty was Hip Hop and she was put in a group of 10. She said she was in a room with about 300 people and they turned on some random music and she 'freestyled'. She said the crowd was into it and yelling for her and she had a great time. Travis, one of the judges, mentioned something about 'looking too young'. She wasn't called back, but had a great experience and felt like it was well worth it. She thinks one of her new friends is sure to be famous! The two of them were actually snowed in at their hotel as no taxi's were running, airport closed, huge blizzard! Luckily they both love movies and watched several in their room and they found a bookstore and Kell bought Art History books! We were excited the airport opened up on Saturday and they were able to get home.
Kaitie is still patiently waiting for news from High School Musical. We're crossing our fingers!!


Natalie said...

I think it's awesome that Kell went and auditioned. She is pretty brave! HSM better call Kaitie, I bet she will be sad if they don't get back to her.

anndeo said...

I can't sleep again, so I've been looking at blogs and I found yours. Pretty cool.