Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What? Kell is turning 19?!

Because she is turning 19, here are nineteen reasons we love having Kell in our family...

  • 1. she is proud of her red hair

  • 2. she is an awesome sister

  • 3. her beautiful smile

  • 4. her contagious laugh

  • 5. she has sweet 'white chocolate' moves

  • 6. she loves to learn new things and she shares them with us

  • 7. she loves, loves to travel

  • 8. she is proud to be Irish!

  • 9. she speaks to us in languages

  • 10. she is teaching little sister to drive a stick shift

  • 11. she's a dreamer

  • 12. she pursue's her dreams

  • 13. she loves great literature

  • 14. she can tell you about art...any art

  • 15. she is self motivated

  • 16. she is kind to all of us

  • 17. her nieces and nephew love her

  • 18. she has a messy room

  • 19. we love, love, love the dimples!!!

Most of all...we love YOU! HAPPY DAY Kellibell!


AnnDeO said...

Oh me oh my kell is 19! Have a "Wicked" birthday.

Tamara Jacobs said...

can't believe she is 19! I love your post.

Kell said...

Haha thanks mom. Lovely picture you chose... Thanks for giving birth to me! haha. :) Love you lady!