Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Belated Happy Day for Miss Niah!

I couldn't go any longer without giving a special blog spot to Miss Niah in honor of her birthday that was in January. When Miss Niah was born her mama and pops were living in Grandma and Grandpa's basement. This was really fun and exciting because we were able to see this beautiful little princess everyday! Your mom and dad had left for the hospital and when they got there the nurses were going to send mom home, but she went walking the halls with your dad instead. She had to make a few stops at a garbage can or two because she was throwing up. When they went back to the nurse, she let them stay. Late morning, Grandma, Grandpa, Colin, Kaitie and Kell headed to the hospital. We called Grandma Saundra and she met us there. We all were waiting in a waiting room area and we were able to go say hi to your mom and dad. As it was getting closer to you being born, Grandma and Grandpa snuck down by the room and stood outside the door in the hallway. We became a little worried when a team of 5-6 people came in with special baby equipment. We weren't sure what was going on. We waited and waited and then we heard the most beautiful sound...our Niah Marie crying! We were so happy you were here and we hurried to the waiting room to share the good news. Your dad came down a while later and told us all that we could come meet you and talk to your mom. That was the most amazing meet my first grandchild! You were so perfect and beautiful and you made the cutest little faces. You kept sticking your little tongue out and your dad said that was a Mason trait. We were all so happy to meet you and you have brought us joy from that day on. You are so fun to talk always ask "what have you been doing today", or "how are you today?". You make Grandma laugh when you tell me silly stories. You called the other day to tell me that your "Irish Tree" (clover you are growing) was getting really big! and that your dad was not Irish. I love that you love anything princess, disney, and that you believe in 'prince charming'! I love that you have such a 'belly laugh' and that you have a sense of humor. I love that you like musicals like your mom and are such a good singer and dancer. You bring sunshine to my days and you are growing up way too fast! Can you stay four forever?

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AnnDeO said...

When I think of Niah I just hear a two year old with a advanced wit answering you asking what color a bracelet at the store was. [red] When she said pink you replied, red and she quickly responded, "Same as pink, grandma, so what"