Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Day to Miss Preslee!

Ok, it really does seem like yesterday when 'Na' was in DisneyWorld and she received a phone call from Mama Tam who said she was in labor and a baby was coming! Preslee you were in a hurry, you weren't going to waste any time. A few hours later, Grandpa Mike called me back and we put my phone on speaker phone. Auntie Kell, Na and some drill girls and mom's listened as we sat in the restaurant at the All Star Music Resort, as you were born. Grandpa Mike and Great Grandma Saundra were there and I'm not sure who else. They were in the hall and they let us join in. It was a wonderful moment and you had the cutest little cry from the very beginning. Luckily, Kell and I were scheduled to arrive home that night and so we only had a few hours before we could meet you in person. Grandpa Mike picked us up from the airport and drove us to the hospital. You were all dressed up in a beautiful pink hat and so cute! I remember your mama's feet were swollen really big, but her and your dad had the biggest smiles ever! They were so happy and grateful that you had arrived safely after a couple of weeks of your mama being really sick.
You are a special girl Preslee Kae! You are full of sunshine and you are spunky like your mama. I love how you love your friends, Woof, Bear, and LuLu. I love that you like to dance. I love that you are a teaser and that you call me 'Na'. I love that you love Backyardigans...I do too!
We love you Miss Preslee Kae and we wish you a wonderful Number TWO birthday!
love, Grandpa, Na, Colin, Kell, and Kaitie

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Tamara Jacobs said...

thanks sooo much mom!!! I miss ya and love you. Preslee loves her "NA". can't wait to see you. thanks for being such a fun and best grandma in the nation!